Developing an Innovation Culture

People usually understand why innovation is so important, but how easy is it to change when you’ve been doing something the same way for a long time? Previous experiences can affect our approaches to risk and organisational culture can define how we transform. Working together we can celebrate the art of the possible, we can find creative solutions to long-standing problems and we can re-imagine new ways of working. Enlighten Training can help your organisation to develop an ‘innovation culture’ and to harness the creative brilliance of your people. We offer a range of supportive interventions including our own Innovation Maturity Assessment which delivers a structured and comprehensive review of policy, practice and process at every level. This tool helps by identifying what is already being done well and where further change and investment can position innovation as a defining quality for an organisation rather than as an isolated initiative. Our staff engagement events and executive coaching can then help with the development of strategy and action plans to deliver that meaningful transformation. Learn more…


We can work with you to develop your leaders for the future.

From experiential development that takes your leaders out of the classroom to allow them to develop new skills through to a variety of activities and projects to a recognised ILM level 5 award; we can truly deliver a leadership programme that meets the needs of your organisation and delivers results.

We can provide 180 and 360 feedback as well as a range of psychometric assessments to help your leaders understand where they are now and how to work more effectively with others to gain that edge. We work with organisations to develop adaptable and capable leaders who enable future success.



Making teams as effective as they can be and developing leaders so that they reach their potential.

We partner with your teams to get an honest understanding and assessment of their current position, where they are now and how everything is really working. This involves looking at their purpose and priorities asking how well they understand each other and how they work together effectively.

Our experienced coaches can help leaders at every level to build confidence, enhance their decision making and improve performance to reach their potential. We can do this as part of a leadership development programme or as a stand-alone activity. Our team can train and supervise an internal coach network which will allow peer coaching, improve management conversations and help to create a coaching culture (coaches trained to ILM 5 standard). We can provide the right coach to meet the needs of the people that you have and we can work with them over the period of time to suit you whether that is in person, on the phone or online – we are always available to them.



Developing a representative workforce that can meet the needs of diverse communities.

Our society is increasingly diverse. This brings with it opportunity to access a wider pool of talent and to gain insight into the needs and motivations of customers and service users.

However, experience shows us that our diversity can also throw up challenges. Despite investment over the decades, difficulties persist. Individual and organisational failings are often played out in the media.

There is an on-going need to review approaches and to develop policies and practices that allow for the promotion of equality and diversity. We offer consultancy support to review existing practices and we work with clients to develop a raft of activity targeted at delivering comprehensive and profound change. Learn more…


Create a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

We can help you to understand what your employees think of their workplace and what they think needs to be done differently. This doesn’t have to mean an extensive survey or mountains of data – we are firm believers in the ‘so what’ – What can we do to actually make this a happier and more productive workplace?

We will work with you to understand what your needs are, what your people think and then we can deliver interventions that make a real difference for everyone; from communication to health and nutrition – we can help with whatever you need. We can even provide fitness tests! This will help you unlock your people’s potential, create meaningful work and shape development opportunities, thereby enhancing employee engagement and organisational performance.



Develop and deliver the best people.

People are the most expensive asset that organisations and businesses have and they are the factor that can have the biggest impact on performance. In order to deliver the best, forward thinking organisations develop the best people.

We are experts in providing cost effective, efficient, dynamic training that meets your exact needs as an organisation. We work with a range of organisations to train thousands of people in the core skills that they need to do their job; whether it is customer service, the law, HR management skills or anything else we have the trainers and the experience to make it happen when you need it at a cost that suits you.