The Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) is a national level 3 qualification introduced by the College of Policing as a pre-join requirement for police forces. It covers the legislation, policy and processes required to be a police officer, so if you are thinking of joining as a police constable then this course and qualification is for you.

You must obtain the CKP qualification from an approved provider if you wish to apply/join the Metropolitan Police Service and many other Forces across England and Wales, including Cheshire, Surrey and Thames Valley to name a few.

1ACKP – Enlighten Training is recognised as an approved provider by the College of Policing.



The Policing Education Qualifications Framework is being introduced to support the development of policing as a profession by recognising and raising educational standards within policing.

This work is being conducted by The College of Policing.

We understand your needs:

Enlighten Training are already an approved provider of police pre-join training by The College of Policing, along with our partners Outsource Training we are the preferred provider of the Certificate in the Knowledge of Policing (CKP) for the Metropolitan Police.

We currently work with over a dozen forces supporting them in the National Police Promotions Framework (NPPF), the supply of qualified trainers delivering the Initial Police Learning Development Programme (IPLDP), assessors, coaches and mentors and many other forms of police training.

If you are a force or a HEI we will be able to:

  • Become a conduit between the HEI and the individual Police Forces, to provide an insight and bespoke consultancy services that will support the relationship between both parties to deliver
    the Apprenticeship Degree
  • Along with Outsource (a long established apprenticeship provider) we will manage you apprenticeship administration needs
  • Provide qualified Police Trainers, Assessors, and Internal Verifiers
  • Develop the Apprenticeship Degree scheduling, training delivery materials and course content, working with individual forces to meet their needs in line with the guidance published by The College of Policing
  • We will use our organisational experience to support the apprenticeship HEI provider / police force to complete all registration processes with The College of Policing



We have found many police forces benefit from having the support of a training services provider as it offers them a more responsive and cost effective mechanism to respond to the peaks and troughs in demand for training. We can supply experienced trainers and educators for all manner of training from large scale recruit training through to highly specialised police, technology and security learning.

We are delivering this model to a broad range of police forces and special projects, partuclarly providing user training for large scale ICT implentation throughout the UK. Our trainers comply with, and exceed, College of Policing requirements for delivering police trainers and maintain their occupational currency and competency by conducting regular CPD which is monitored by us, and we have found this provides clients with guaranteed quality, a significant reduction in administration and flexibility. We have worked with many of our clients for many years which we take as a hallmark of their faith in us.


We recently purchased Skilltrack Marine, founded in 1993 they are market leaders in marine safety and rescue training and undertake significant amounts of technical training with UK fire services as well as commercial operators. We provide a wide range of courses from skipper courses for fireboats, sea survival, and Professional Practises and Responsibilities in the commercial sector. All our courses are accredited by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) or the Open College Network South East Region.

Our instructors are recognised for their years of experience, knowledge and expertise with an unyielding commitment to delivering both safe training in marine environments and professional development in themselves and others. For further information, please visit Skilltrack's dedicated website.